Ashes In Space


Ashes In Space

Our partnership with Aura Flights

Our partnership enables us to take the way in which a loved can be remembered to the next level, literally. With Aura Flights, ashes of a loved one are able to travel 100,000 feet into space, for a release into the atmosphere. For centuries, man has looked up at the stars and dreamed of going into space; while few of us ever get to do this during our lifetimes, there is now the option to travel into space for the final journey.


Scattering ashes in space (£3,950)

Celebrate a spectacular person with a spectacular sendoff: scatter their ashes in space.

Aura Flights will carry our passenger’s ashes in a unique intelligent scatter vessel to 100,000 feet above the Earth, into the inky black vacuum of Near Space. Set against the beautiful view of our planet, the ashes are released in a gentle cascade. From here, they spend the next 3–6 months travelling around the globe, spreading out across the entire planet.

Ultimately, they re-enter the troposphere, where they seed the formation of clouds and fall back to Earth as raindrops and snowflakes all over the world.

The ascent and release are captured on video to create a treasured memorial film of the event.


If you have any questions and/or would like to book a flight for your loved one, contact us via 01786 484710 or email us at